Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Easy Pattern for Ellowyne: Jumpin Jammin Pants Ensemble

Ellowyne's New Year Resolutions: Exercise!

See things from a different view point
Stand Tall and don't sulk

Rest when I'm tired but don't give into melancholy
As you can see my Ellowyne's made a ffe resolutions for 2013. My resolution was to get her some clothes since she came to me from e-bay without a stitch on! In doing so, I was able to publish BeachBabyDoll's first pattern to fit Ellowyne Wilde dolls and other similar 16 inch dolls. I am so excited. The leopard pants are made of medium -light weight cotton from a fat quarter. There was plenty left over. The tubes for the top and faux sleeves I made from a tee shirt. The pants pattern is unique because it's easy waistband is made with fold over elastic. Just perfect for a small neat, waistband and eliminates the need for a back closure. Sew fun to sew! I used my terrific tubes formula to make the tube top and faux sleeves. It's easily used for most any doll and it's a part of the new sewing guide and pattern for Ellowyne's Jumpin' Jammin' Pants Ensemble  I took great care in making the pants so the back doesn't slide off her bottom when she sits or does the Bridge. I didn't want her to be embarrased.
Beginners and advanced seamstresses will enjoy this quick and easy, well fitted pattern. For more information click:

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