Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy to be "part Irish"

My doll Cate is all ready for St Patrick's day dressed in green.  I don't know too much about St Patrick, do you?  I looked him up on the History Channel, not too many facts there. I believe he was an important missionary to Ireland so, no matter the leprechans, pot of gold, shamrocks even, he took his calling to spread the Good News of Christ seriously. I celebrate Christ with him on March 17 so I'll be wearing green too. And actually I AM part Irish.  I think I have one or two Irish followers. If you read this and want to add some info on St Pat, it would be great.
Maybe you're asking, "What's the Good News of Christ?" See the side bar. It's what Easter is all about!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Dolls need a spa! Part 1.

Sometimes in the worst way, dolls need a spa. Hair seems to be the most vulnerable to disaster.  Cutting by a budding 4 year old stylist is always a problem. And worse when she applies lipstick, but not even on the lips. But, there is HOPE. Here's my newest project which I haven't started yet:
My favorite Doll Spa tools:
A dog comb. Actually, I already used it on this sweetie.
Benzoyl peroxide 5% (cream for acne sold in the dollar stores)
Magic Eraser (love it and now there are some generic ones)
Tooth brush, Q-tips, something soft and small to clean the little wrinkles and ears, nose, etc.
Soft white cloth
Dawn dishwashing soap and sometimes 409
Acetone free nail polish remover
Patience and time.
Downy, preferable scent free softener.

Stay tuned for Part 2. I have to stop for tonight.