Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A contest about my new Photo Story! Win a personalized Doll T-shirt (to fit AG, Karito Kids, Best Friends Club dolls) sewn from a Liberty Jane pattern!

New Giveaway contest:
Read my new photo story click on the blue writing here:  "3 Girls go to the Hospital"

After you finish, return to this blog post and leave a comment with your suggestion for Peanut's real name AND how she lost her hair. It will be fun to see what everyone writes! 
THE PRIZE:  A fitted capsleeve T-shirt made with a Liberty Jane Pattern  and personally machine embroidered with the name of your doll or another short word or two. I can sew it for your American Girl Doll or similar size 18 in doll , Karito Kid or Best Friend Club doll. It will look similar to these shirts except, the name. I will give you a choice of colors. (You can request "Jesus <3 me" on it in place of a name if you wish).

Contest Rules:  You will have to be one of my visible followers to win so I can send you a private message that you won.  Contest will be over March 19, 2011.   Winner will be chosen by drawing your entry out of a hat. Every separate comment to this post is one chance to win. If you or your parent or adult relative  joins BeachBabyDoll's facebook fan page, you get an extra chance to win.This contest is designed for girls 14 years old and under but you can play at any age. Parents, grandparents, aunts can play for their children.  If you win and you're under 18, I will need you to send me the name and address of your parent who will be the official winner, so your parent has to know you entered, okay! I can't wait to read your entries!  

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone!

I wish everyone the bestest Valentine's Day! Just remember that Jesus loves you SO much. See the verse of the day on this blog! (John 13: 34-45) Show someone you love them today!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ku'uipo Outfit for Kanani

Ku'uipo means My Sweetheart in Hawaiian. That's why I think this little outfit is perfect to be shown near Valentine's Day. The Ku'uipo is specially embroidered so the O is a flower. The skirt is reversible to a cute tiny flower design on reddish material. The Tee shirt is fitted with cap sleeves. The flower is anchored to a small bobbi pin so your doll can wear it near her ear. Nicole Loves this outfit and doesn't want to give it up; but it will soon be for sale in Beach Baby Doll's etsy shop.I think we've raised  enough money for two younger children to go to Bible camp this summer with the sales from the shop since August. Praising the Lord for all He gives us! And thanking the generosity of our customers. Yay!!
Guess what? I loved "Blue Hawaii" the movie with Elvis. It was made when I was in high school, I think. That's where I first heard the word Ku'uipo so I'm sharing this video with you.

Lyrics | Elvis Presley - Ku-U-I-Po lyrics

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A purse for American Girl Dolls out of Wall Covering!

Vinyl wall covering makes a great purse material. It sort of looks like leather. This is a purse I made.  I got an old wall covering sample book from the paint store for free. You can cut it easily and sew through it or use glue. This book had designs that are perfect for purses. I made the strap out of 3 kinds of yarn braided together.  To close the purse, I sewed on a shiny copper-look button and made a braided yarn loop. On the flap I used my scallop scizzors. Many paint stores throw their old books out, so just ask for one and thank them profusely. Fun! Put a real penny in it for your doll!