Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I hope I win!

Doll Diaries posted a great opportunity to win one of the two delightful 16 inch Tonner Dolls from their City Girls line. I hope I win. You can try too! Which one did you like? To enter the contest click on Doll Diaries.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

8 year old makes Roman Costume for her doll!

8 year olds make super seamstresses with some fun guidance from mom. Chalice gave her daughter BeachBabyDoll's Everything Doll Costume to help with a school project and look at the results!

She picked great materials for the times and even added the broach!

Nice job on the neck binding.. Maybe she made the necklace too?

She even made the sandals with mom. Chalice said: ". I cut the leather and my daughter assembled them and laced them up."
I love this school project because it really teaches the children about the clothing of the "ancients". I'm so glad my pattern could help.  Chalice was so sweet to give me the link to the Free Roman Sandal directions for flat footed dolls. I know you are going to want to try your hand at making them too. Here's the link.  Very helpful for making our Bible time costumes have more authentic footwear!

If you check out "Your Creations" page, you'll find more customer creations using the BeachBabyDoll patterns. Today, I gave the page a new, improved look. Hope you enjoy it.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Look what Dee made to fit My Twinn! Go South Carolina!

Fleece doll pajamas made from BeachBabyDoll's Tee and Simple Pants Patterns to fit My Twinn dolls.
Another one of our wonderful customers shared a photo of her work from BeachBabyDoll's My Twinn patterns. What is pictured is a pair of My Twinn size fleece pajamas to match the ones Dee made her granddaughter. Lucky girl! They are University of South Carolina fans. Here' s what Dee wrote:
"Here is a picture of the 1st pair of PJs I made for the My Twinn doll from your patterns.  They match PJs I made for my granddaughter and are the University of South Carolina print.  I made the sleeves longer and body a little longer than your tee shirt and the front neck lower, to match what the "real" pajamas looked like.  I think she'll like them.  I don't have the doll with me, so hope they'll fit.  The fabric is heavy fleece, but seemed to work well."
Great job, Dee! Thanks so much for sharing.
Addendum: 1-19-2013: Here's another great pair of doll pajamas Dee made:

Are you inspired to share something  you've made from BeachBabyDoll's patterns? We'd love to see. This outfit will be posted on the Your Creations Page at .

This week I'm making a new pattern for 13-14 inch dolls like Les Cheries, Hearts for Hearts Girls, and Groovy Girls. The flu has slowed me down a bit. Hope nobody else got it.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Different Look for Ellowyne

A totally different look for Ellowyne made with Beach Baby Doll's Simple Pants Ensemble pattern. My adult children like this look better and so do I. That's what's great about sewing, you can make things look differently even using the same pattern. This pattern comes with detailed full color photo guide book so anyone can be a success with doll couture! The pants and tubes patterns are included. You can order it here

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Easy Pattern for Ellowyne: Jumpin Jammin Pants Ensemble

Ellowyne's New Year Resolutions: Exercise!

See things from a different view point
Stand Tall and don't sulk

Rest when I'm tired but don't give into melancholy
As you can see my Ellowyne's made a ffe resolutions for 2013. My resolution was to get her some clothes since she came to me from e-bay without a stitch on! In doing so, I was able to publish BeachBabyDoll's first pattern to fit Ellowyne Wilde dolls and other similar 16 inch dolls. I am so excited. The leopard pants are made of medium -light weight cotton from a fat quarter. There was plenty left over. The tubes for the top and faux sleeves I made from a tee shirt. The pants pattern is unique because it's easy waistband is made with fold over elastic. Just perfect for a small neat, waistband and eliminates the need for a back closure. Sew fun to sew! I used my terrific tubes formula to make the tube top and faux sleeves. It's easily used for most any doll and it's a part of the new sewing guide and pattern for Ellowyne's Jumpin' Jammin' Pants Ensemble  I took great care in making the pants so the back doesn't slide off her bottom when she sits or does the Bridge. I didn't want her to be embarrased.
Beginners and advanced seamstresses will enjoy this quick and easy, well fitted pattern. For more information click: