Friday, April 18, 2014

What does Rufus have to do with Easter?

Here is my doll Rufus from Wilde Imagination who made this stunning outfit, even hat for him:

Doesn't he look fine in his work casual outfit, good enough to go to church on Easter!  In fact, that's just what my Rufus does. He teaches Sunday School at his church. 

I like Rufus but recently, I wanted to change his name. Believe it or not, I decided not to do that and it all had to do with Easter: Read how in my story I uploaded to Dropbox for you: "Rufus and Easter"
Hope you like it and have a joy-filled Easter (Resurrection Sunday, that is!)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Sale and Loom Knitting for smaller Dolls

Who would want to miss The Beach Baby Doll News especially when it contains at 20 % off sale in our Etsy ShopFor some technical computer reason, not all our subscribers got their newletter yesterday. I hate that. Therefore, I'm sending this link out so you may view it on-line just click the red words:

Extra fine guage loom helps make this hat realistic for Pru, Ellowyne's friend
 Besides the sale announcement  What's in it?

  • I discuss loom knitting for small dolls using an extra fine guage loom .
  • I review a extra fine guage hand crafted loom for sale and provide link to the supplier and suggestions for tool to help make this fine knitting easier.
  • A special Bible verse that tells us God knits! For real. Check it out!
  • A Code to use in my Etsy shop only for 20% off the whole month of April.