Doll Stories

The following are links (in blue) to my doll photo stories. The majority have Christian messages.  Enjoy.

 All are copywritten. Please contact me if you want to use the pictures or stories or if you have trouble viewing the stories.

Baby Moses' story  from Exodus1:1- 2:10

Rufus and Easter (link to a pdf file for you in Dropbox. No sign in needed)

Alligator Lies;

 an adventure story starring my dolls and real animals in the swamps and seashore of Florida!

 A Special Easter Greeting 2012
just scroll down linked web page for this story

The following stories which are albums in Google +  web albums, unless otherwise noted, are best viewed so that you can read the captions which are the story. To follow the story, click on the first large picture of the album. Read the caption in the upper right corner.  When ready to move on, click the right arrow which shows on the right side of the page. You will proceed to the next page. To go back, click the left arrow.

A Special Easter Greeting 2012
just scroll down linked web page for this story

My Doll Nicole Visits the Holy Land
best viewed one slide at a time.

The Lord frees Peter from Prison (Acts 12)
best viewed as a slide show.

The Tent, The Trees, and God 

The Endeavor's Last Launch 
a video, best views played as a slide show

Spring Break 2011

Three Girls Go to the Hospital 

Christmas Concert Rehearsal (2010)

Nativity (2010)

Happy Birthday (a doll's birthday party) 2010

Osito Gets Lost (story of a toy dog)

Fall 2010 Doll Trip to Augusta

Hide and Seek

The Girls meet the Great Creator, a story of Life

The Short Soccer Game

Love God, a doll story