Saturday, October 25, 2014

Contest winners are------drum roll!

Our Fall 2014 contest is over with each of our winners winning 10 patterns of their choice from .Our contest winners are Carrie P and Deb S! Congratulations and happy sewing to both of them.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Easy patterns for your dolls: Last day to win 10

 Beach Baby Doll patterns are great to make for Christmas. Make a memory in just minutes. By hand or machine! Today is the last day to enter our contest to win your choice of 10 of our doll clothes patterns from our shops. Have fun and make someone happy!  For details see the previous post!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Just thinkin: only 1 week left -Win 10 doll clothes patterns!

Pick any 10 of my patterns if you win. Easy to enter contest and get lots of chances to win. See my previous blog.
2 winners will be chosen! One could be you! If you already entered you can add more chances to win by pinning and tweeting. Just log in to the contest.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Win 10 doll clothes sewing patterns of your choice from

Start sewing your dolls a new wardrobe for Christmas!
Win 10 easy doll clothes patterns from  
Join our contest today.
Contest ends 10/17/2014 at 12 AM EST.
Enter from our special widget below.
Contest now over: Widget has been removed. 

 All patterns come from our easy to download and print collection.
Many ways to enter and add up chances to win. You don't have to do them all to win but the more you do the better your chances.   TWO  winners will be selected. You could be one.You will get to choose any 10 patterns sold on our site that you want from  See the terms. Our patterns are easy. Doll clothes make special gifts and terrific memories. Your participation helps our visibility.  Thank you!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Baby Moses' story illustrated with dolls and action figures

What did I do on my summer vaca?
I illustrated the Bible's account of baby Moses in Exodus. I pulled out all my 11-12 in fashion dolls and GI Joes from multiple thrift store finds and garage sales. I chose the most ethnic ones I could find so, alas the blondes were not allowed. Except my baby was blonde because that's all I had. I even found a smaller sister who could be Miriam. I tromped around the swamps in Central Florida getting most of the pictures, trying not to break my leg or get a sun stroke. Oh, it was hot!
 I had fun making the costumes out of scraps. I used glitter pipe cleaners and glittered craft foam for the royal touches.I stuck the collars down with mounting tape. The robes were easy, just cut rectangles twice as long as I needed,  folded horizontally,  folded again vertically then cut a small hole for the neck and a little back slit down from the neck. I did not bother to add closures. I made sure the robes covered the feet of the Barbies as I didn't want to make sandals. The sides I sewed up far enough to let the hand slip in easily. The sleeves were made automatically doing this. The GI Joes needed a lot of room for their bulky arms and chests. The costume styles were pretty authentic. I googled Egypt for 1450 BC styles. Basically, they knotted strips of cloth in the front. The Israelites had loose robes, sew easy. I used pieces of yarn for sashes. I didn't bother to hem or finish edges, just used a lot of Fray Check. My point is, this was an easy do so kids would love it. Boys and Girls. You might have a lot of conversations together about what it would be like to be dressed like that. Not to mention issues about having to leave your child near a wild river in order to save his life. You can show them where prayer and planning go together and get their observations. Terrific way to learn the Bible. If you would like to read Moses' story with my photos, you can go to the following link on Google Drive. You don't need to sign in. You may download it too if you wish. Here's the link;

Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Doll's Breakfast: In-the-Hoop!

I have created breakfast for my dolls using my original machine embroidery designs. Look how yummy! There's toast and an egg, bacon, a frosted donut with sprinkles and, oh, yes, watermelon and orange slices. The complete breakfast of 6 designs is available for purchase and download from or in my Etsy store. The designs will come to you in a zip file with nine machine embroidery formats available!  They would be a great stocking stuffer!

Doll Diaries has another great give-away: A Girl for All Time, Amelia

A Girl for All Time doll, Ameliais being given away by Doll Diaries. Can you believe it! Such a quality doll, gorgeous clothes, fabulous historical character, and looks sweetly British. Check this contest out now at

See and read about the fantastic dolls Amelia, Matilda and Clementine at  Amelia has a fabulous story of her life too. You can read  Amelia's Inheritance  by Sandra Goldbacher It is available at Amazon. If you win the contest, you get the book too. How great is that! I hope you don't wait too long. It ends Aug 22, 2014. I love Doll Diaries!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

News: Tonner Doll Company fun Pinterest Contest. Win a doll!

Gorgeous Cinderella!
I just finished my entry for the Tonner Company Pinterest Contest. You can too!  Just follow the easy rules at this link:
If you don't mind, please mention on your contest entry e-mail that you were referred by me Beach Baby Doll (Sylvia). Thanks so much! Have fun!  So many gorgeous dolls!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

What does Rufus have to do with Easter?

Here is my doll Rufus from Wilde Imagination who made this stunning outfit, even hat for him:

Doesn't he look fine in his work casual outfit, good enough to go to church on Easter!  In fact, that's just what my Rufus does. He teaches Sunday School at his church. 

I like Rufus but recently, I wanted to change his name. Believe it or not, I decided not to do that and it all had to do with Easter: Read how in my story I uploaded to Dropbox for you: "Rufus and Easter"
Hope you like it and have a joy-filled Easter (Resurrection Sunday, that is!)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Sale and Loom Knitting for smaller Dolls

Who would want to miss The Beach Baby Doll News especially when it contains at 20 % off sale in our Etsy ShopFor some technical computer reason, not all our subscribers got their newletter yesterday. I hate that. Therefore, I'm sending this link out so you may view it on-line just click the red words:

Extra fine guage loom helps make this hat realistic for Pru, Ellowyne's friend
 Besides the sale announcement  What's in it?

  • I discuss loom knitting for small dolls using an extra fine guage loom .
  • I review a extra fine guage hand crafted loom for sale and provide link to the supplier and suggestions for tool to help make this fine knitting easier.
  • A special Bible verse that tells us God knits! For real. Check it out!
  • A Code to use in my Etsy shop only for 20% off the whole month of April.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Doll Play: The Valentine Incident- Story Challenge

I was walking by the room where my dolls "live" when I came across an interesting incident. These three Rufus, the guy; Ellowyne, the middle young lady; and her friend, Lizette  appeared locked in a moment of turmoil. Of course, I could not hear what had been going on and as soon as I saw them, they froze in place, like they were dolls (the nerve!). Possibly, something was of concern about the valentine in Rufus' hand. I took the photo of them and decided to ask my readers to fill in the story. What do you think just happened? Was anyone jealous? Was anyone surprised?  Sometimes, Valentines Day makes people sad or mad. Use your imagination. This is a story challenge for people of all ages. If you get so far and you want to pass the plot on for someone else to complete,  just write "pass" at the end of your post.