Monday, February 10, 2014

Doll Play: The Valentine Incident- Story Challenge

I was walking by the room where my dolls "live" when I came across an interesting incident. These three Rufus, the guy; Ellowyne, the middle young lady; and her friend, Lizette  appeared locked in a moment of turmoil. Of course, I could not hear what had been going on and as soon as I saw them, they froze in place, like they were dolls (the nerve!). Possibly, something was of concern about the valentine in Rufus' hand. I took the photo of them and decided to ask my readers to fill in the story. What do you think just happened? Was anyone jealous? Was anyone surprised?  Sometimes, Valentines Day makes people sad or mad. Use your imagination. This is a story challenge for people of all ages. If you get so far and you want to pass the plot on for someone else to complete,  just write "pass" at the end of your post.

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