Friday, September 14, 2012

Being Creative! Sewing by Hand for National Sewing Month!

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Do you have fun creating things? I do. It is such a blessing to be able to use this attibute of God that He gave us!!!! I like to do things with my hands, even when I goof up! Recently I have been reviewing old, old, sewing books that are in the public domain.  I chose some of my favorite illustrations from them to make a free Hand Stitching Hand-out. If you would like to download it, just go to the link at Sometimes, it's so nice to know you can make a garment, even a little doll garment totally by hand! My new "Everything Costume Pattern" for dolls is a great pattern for hand sewing. It comes in two sizes for American Girl and Best Friends Club Ink large dolls. I blogged extensively about it on Sept 8, 2012. See what you can make, anytime, anywhere!


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mrs. Meehan's classroom got their cozy rug! Thank you!

It's great we could help out Mrs Meehan with the pattern sales! If you would like to see better pictures of her adorable classroom, Click Here.  Mrs. Meehan and her children are blessed.. Thanks so much! Sylvia

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Everything Doll Costume Pattern: Have you seen it?

At we (that is me, the dolls and Fred) are all so excited about the new Everything Doll Costume Pattern! Why, because we hope our customers and fans will show us some of the huge variety of clothes and costumes they can create with this pattern. Many people are starting to work on stuff for Christmas. Some ladies I know feel badly because they don't have much time and probably may not get to sewing doll clothes for their little special ones till Christmas eve. I hope this pattern can help. It's so easy and quick and makes a bunch of things.That leaves you lots of time to enjoy your family and thanking God for them! Girls just learning to sew will love this pattern because it's very forgiving and lets them be creative. I start you off with some suggestions for outfits like Bible Time and Nativity costumes which is how I got started sewing with this pattern, but you will see how vast the variety is of things you can make.Like:


Prairie Girl

Bible Time Characters

Christmas Party Dress for Miss Claus
Update 8--26-2013: There are currently three doll sizes for this pattern: American Girl size (18 in soft body doll), BFC Ink large doll size  (18 in very slim vinyl doll includes vintage ones like Super size Barbie, Tiffany Taylor), Hearts for Hearts Girls and Les Cherie size (14 inch dolls).   Each size is sold separately. All the sizes can make all the items pictured and a gazillion more things. In the accompanying 30 page e-book and sewing guide I give you the basic garment pattern and instructions, suggestions to get creativity flowing as well as some little accessory patterns and ideas.
Party Idea: In addition, I thought it would be so much fun for girls to throw a doll costume party where the guests could make their own original doll costume. I've included a little design template for that as well as an invitation.  A nice granny or mom may want to sew up a few muslin versions of the basic garment, then let the girls add the embellishments whether actually sewing or using markers and gluing. Here's the link to my Etsy shop where you can now instantly download the pattern and guide to fit the three dolls sizes above  Happy sewing!
PS: I'm happy to give you a great introductory price. This  e-book and pattern is only $4.49 USD at And the proceeds help kids! Read "About" above. I now send my doll clothes patterns all over the world. What a blessing and a joy!  Sylvia

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ziggy the Bulldog, what a guy!

My grand dog. Ziggy The Bulldog, is aiming for 1000 likes by Thanksgiving. He loves dolls too! He loves everybody! He just looks tough with his shades on!  Click here to give him a Facebook like.