Sunday, October 31, 2010

My new boy doll from My PAL-My Sibling Dolls

I was so happy this week to get an early birthday present:  a handsome My Pal doll! This is an 18 in boy doll close in size to American Girl Dolls but manufactured in China by Lotus and sold under the brand My Pal-My Siblings dolls, which is a trademark by a company, LorettaRose, LLC of New Jersey, promoting awareness of Autism and Down's Syndrome as well as other causes children would like such as the environment, School, heroes in our military,etc. The company provides work opportunities for teens and adults with disabilities as they pack the dolls and other products and also actively promotes awareness of the needs of young people with autism and Downs Syndrome.  Even the needs of the siblings of these children are addressed through their line of My Sibling dolls.

Welcome to my very first blogger!

Welcome to my very first blogger, Karen, of !  Karen is a member of our Christian Artists Promoting Shops team on etsy.  She makes beautiful jewelry. We will try to persuade her to make some doll jewelry!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Make a doll bed and serve up some doll size cookies that you can eat!

A Quick Portable Doll Bed.  Does your new doll need a bed, a nice comfy place to rest?  Make her a quickie bed.   Make a pillow mattress long enough for her (about 20 in when done). Sew two rectangles (about  24 in X 11 in) right sides together. You can hand stitch the 2 long sides and one short side then turn the bag right side out and stuff with something soft like old pillow stuffings or polyfil or old panty hose. You can make some really cute co-ordinating little pillows the same way and Voila! your doll has a great bed which is portable. Make some "blankets" using a scrap of old fleece or some sheets using a scrap of an old sheet--just hem the edges by turning up to the wrong side and stitching. Any other ideas? Have you made a bed, post a comment with link to your photo.  Join this blog.
Yummy doll size cookies and bread that you can eat!  I am getting ready to do a photo shoot for Christmas and Thanksgiving with my dolls. I found a little bag of tiny Lorna Doone cookies that are just the right size for my dolls and good enough for me to eat too. I got them at the checkout counter in my grocery store.  I noticed there are little tiny loaves of bread for parties that would make great little edible sandwiches too.. Invite your dolls and friends! Do you have any ideas about tiny edible food?  Post it here!