Sunday, October 31, 2010

My new boy doll from My PAL-My Sibling Dolls

I was so happy this week to get an early birthday present:  a handsome My Pal doll! This is an 18 in boy doll close in size to American Girl Dolls but manufactured in China by Lotus and sold under the brand My Pal-My Siblings dolls, which is a trademark by a company, LorettaRose, LLC of New Jersey, promoting awareness of Autism and Down's Syndrome as well as other causes children would like such as the environment, School, heroes in our military,etc. The company provides work opportunities for teens and adults with disabilities as they pack the dolls and other products and also actively promotes awareness of the needs of young people with autism and Downs Syndrome.  Even the needs of the siblings of these children are addressed through their line of My Sibling dolls.
I talked to the owner Loretta.  She is very enthusiastic about the causes she promotes.  Her service was excellent and shipment fast.  My boy (I call him Ryan now) is a My Pal for My School Doll so he came with a little booklet that encourages the dolls little mother or father to do well in school, have team spirit and try hard. There's also provision in the booklet for the child to write their own doll's story. That would be a great activity when the after-Christmas blahs set in. There are three things I really love about the construction of this doll: he's a very sturdy stander--the best of all my dolls; he's made well, good tight limbs, solid stuffed body; and his hair is wonderful. It's rooted but in tight rows so it's thick. It combs well. I didn't notice any coming out and no tangling!. This boy is a medium skin color doll though he is a little lighter than my #28 JLY American Girl. You can also see more pictures of Ryan, my My Pal doll at in my Picasa album "Review of My Pal Boy Doll" He is going to make a nice friend to my girl dolls and I look forward to using him in some photo stories soon.  Now the disclaimer:  I have no connection to My Pal or My Sibling Dolls. However, if you want to see their web site, click on: My Pal-My Sibling dolls.
Here is a little outfit I made for him.

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I was looking at those when I saw them on your site. I LOVE them! I'm thinking about buying one or asking for one for christams! Thanks for "spreading the word!"