About Sylvia

My name is Sylvia. Now that I am retired, our Lord led me to use my interests in sewing as an on-line ministry and little fund raiser for the children at my church. I am happy to use the profits of my sales to help children go to summer camp, to sponsor a child in a Christian school in Kenya  (http://www.hopefoundation.co.ke), and a young teacher (my lovely daughter) in the inner city of Chicago with her classroom supplies.   And I get to meet people from all over! I am also a grandmother!

This is me Sylvia  near my home in Florida
Making doll clothes patterns and teaching sewing through them is especially rewarding for me! I am getting "know" more and more of todays' dolls who have become my models! I look at fashion magazines and adveritsements to keep current on popular styles as most of my patterns are for modern dolls. However, I try to keep my styles modest and simple. I also try to keep my patterns ultra easy and/or quick for people who have less time in their busy lives to be creative and want to make a unique gift for someone or just dress their own doll without getting frustrated.
Telling stories has always been fun for me too! I have a downloadable free children's book called "Alligator Lies" which I share with you on my main web site among other stories with Christian and Biblical themes. I love having worldwide contact with so many wonderful people through the web. That's my greatest blessing.
Below is a picture my Gotz doll my hubby gave me for Christmas a few years ago. Her name is Esther, because I love the story of Esther in the Bible. She was beautiful, talented, energetic, yet humble, and totally all for the Lord. My dolls are working models, you know! My doll Esther, is in some of my photo stories. She's also in a special Easter Message for everyone.

And below is my Beach Baby Doll Nicole James. She's actually "walking" near the beach close to my home in Florida!
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