Saturday, August 30, 2014

Baby Moses' story illustrated with dolls and action figures

What did I do on my summer vaca?
I illustrated the Bible's account of baby Moses in Exodus. I pulled out all my 11-12 in fashion dolls and GI Joes from multiple thrift store finds and garage sales. I chose the most ethnic ones I could find so, alas the blondes were not allowed. Except my baby was blonde because that's all I had. I even found a smaller sister who could be Miriam. I tromped around the swamps in Central Florida getting most of the pictures, trying not to break my leg or get a sun stroke. Oh, it was hot!
 I had fun making the costumes out of scraps. I used glitter pipe cleaners and glittered craft foam for the royal touches.I stuck the collars down with mounting tape. The robes were easy, just cut rectangles twice as long as I needed,  folded horizontally,  folded again vertically then cut a small hole for the neck and a little back slit down from the neck. I did not bother to add closures. I made sure the robes covered the feet of the Barbies as I didn't want to make sandals. The sides I sewed up far enough to let the hand slip in easily. The sleeves were made automatically doing this. The GI Joes needed a lot of room for their bulky arms and chests. The costume styles were pretty authentic. I googled Egypt for 1450 BC styles. Basically, they knotted strips of cloth in the front. The Israelites had loose robes, sew easy. I used pieces of yarn for sashes. I didn't bother to hem or finish edges, just used a lot of Fray Check. My point is, this was an easy do so kids would love it. Boys and Girls. You might have a lot of conversations together about what it would be like to be dressed like that. Not to mention issues about having to leave your child near a wild river in order to save his life. You can show them where prayer and planning go together and get their observations. Terrific way to learn the Bible. If you would like to read Moses' story with my photos, you can go to the following link on Google Drive. You don't need to sign in. You may download it too if you wish. Here's the link;

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