Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ku'uipo Outfit for Kanani

Ku'uipo means My Sweetheart in Hawaiian. That's why I think this little outfit is perfect to be shown near Valentine's Day. The Ku'uipo is specially embroidered so the O is a flower. The skirt is reversible to a cute tiny flower design on reddish material. The Tee shirt is fitted with cap sleeves. The flower is anchored to a small bobbi pin so your doll can wear it near her ear. Nicole Loves this outfit and doesn't want to give it up; but it will soon be for sale in Beach Baby Doll's etsy shop.I think we've raised  enough money for two younger children to go to Bible camp this summer with the sales from the shop since August. Praising the Lord for all He gives us! And thanking the generosity of our customers. Yay!!
Guess what? I loved "Blue Hawaii" the movie with Elvis. It was made when I was in high school, I think. That's where I first heard the word Ku'uipo so I'm sharing this video with you.

Lyrics | Elvis Presley - Ku-U-I-Po lyrics


Liddy said...

I love the Elvis song! My daughter and I listened to it together.

susan said...

I was accidentally on my daughter's account when I made that comment. But, Liddy did listen to it too. It's very pretty.