Saturday, January 19, 2013

8 year old makes Roman Costume for her doll!

8 year olds make super seamstresses with some fun guidance from mom. Chalice gave her daughter BeachBabyDoll's Everything Doll Costume to help with a school project and look at the results!

She picked great materials for the times and even added the broach!

Nice job on the neck binding.. Maybe she made the necklace too?

She even made the sandals with mom. Chalice said: ". I cut the leather and my daughter assembled them and laced them up."
I love this school project because it really teaches the children about the clothing of the "ancients". I'm so glad my pattern could help.  Chalice was so sweet to give me the link to the Free Roman Sandal directions for flat footed dolls. I know you are going to want to try your hand at making them too. Here's the link.  Very helpful for making our Bible time costumes have more authentic footwear!

If you check out "Your Creations" page, you'll find more customer creations using the BeachBabyDoll patterns. Today, I gave the page a new, improved look. Hope you enjoy it.

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