Sunday, May 13, 2012

To all Moms: Happy Mother's Day!!

Moms, everywhere, my little Aleisha doll (new gift to me from hub for Mother's Day) is bringing us all a basket of posies. She's so cute. I've used her to launch a new value pattern for BFC Ink large dolls: a simple pants pattern. It's good for scrub pants, athletic pants, jammie pants, scouting pants, costume pants, karate pants, and you-name-it pants. Make a bunch. Easy sew.The great photo guide takes you every step of the way. Can even do it by hand. One pattern piece, no side seams to keep straight!  The pattern's only $1.79 
Click here for pattern.


Carolyn said...

Congrats on your new girl. She is so pretty!

Carolyn said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that you have been nominated for a blog award! Visit my blog for the details. :o)

Willow said...

I gave you a 'Your Blog is Great' Award on my blog!
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