Saturday, May 5, 2012

Best Friends Club Ink Nurse Scrubs for Nurses Week! Happy Week, Nurses!

Happy Nurse's week starting May 6 to any of my followers who are nurses or will be or have been! I made a scrubs uniform to fit the Best Friends Club Ink Large doll. It's for sale and I hope to get the pattern out soon.  You can find the sale at  I wrote a little e-book to go along with the theme of thinking about being a nurse and discussing it with God. You can read it for free on my web site at The stethescope is made of pink pipe cleaners and a big button with a shank on one side. I curled it around the doll's built-in earrings and it stayed on her ears fairly well. Hee!


Carolyn said...

I don;t know how I missed this! What a great scrubs outfit! And what life-like poses of the dolls. You did a great job and I enjoyed this very much, even though I'm not a nurse. :o)

best friend dolls said...

Wonderful I just LOVE it.