Monday, February 11, 2013

Taxi Billy: City Girl and New Girl in town

I won Tonner's new City Girl doll Taxi Billy(on the left) from Doll Diaries! You can see how well she was received by my Ellowyne Wilde doll (right). Billy is all dressed up in the fabulous ruffly, lacey Networking outfit that came with her in the prize.  I love her silver sandals and lacey net stockings! Ellowyne is telling Billy all about what it is like living with the dolls at Mrs. Sylvia's house.. Billy is very appreciative of the info. She even let Ellowyne try on her "meet" jacket. Ellowyne can wear some of Taxi Billy's clothes, but sadly, not all and not the shoes! Let's listen in to their conversation:

Ellowyne: "You won't have to worry about clothes here, Billy. Mrs. Sylvia will make you some."
Billy: "That's great because I only have two outfits."
Ellowyne:  "You'll just need to get measured, not my favorite pasttime."
Billy: "Oh, wouldn't it be fun to wear matching outfits!"
Ellowyne: "Hmm, I'm not sure. I'm used to being, well, one of a kind. Besides me, you are the only doll here that is a 16 inch teen."
Billy: " Then, for sure, we will be good friends. Whatever you decide about matching outfits is okay with me. I'm excited to see what new clothes I'll get."

So it looks like Billy and Ellowyne are off to a good start.I plan to make some patterns that fit the both of them. Taxi Billy and the City Girls are an economical version of a BJD  (multiple ball jointed doll) made by Tonner Toys. Most Tonner dolls cost over $100 dollars but the City Girls in their basic lingerie outfits are about $35. There is a difference in the quality. of course, but still they are fun dolls. The shoes are a bit frustrating to put on but I love their look. I like that these dolls can be expressive with their hands too. The color combinations in their outfits are super. I feel very happy and appreciative to Char at Doll Diaries.  Char had a good description of the dolls on her site.  
The City Girls have their own web site at Tonner. The dolls and a few outfits can be purchased there.
Coming soon: more sewing patterns to fit Ellowynne and City Girl dolls from

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