Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Night Before Christmas for a Hearts for Hearts Girls doll

Sewing Idea from Erica: make a cozy robe by adapting our hoodie patterns!
It's the Night Before Christmas and this cute Hearts for Hearts Girls doll has been dressed in a beautiful robe made just like her Mommy's. Erica Neumann. made the robe for her daughter's doll from the BeachBabyDoll's Hoodie Pattern for 13 -14 inch dolls. She adapted it by lengthening and adding a tie! Great idea! She also made 2 sets of pajamas and pajama pants from the tee shirt and pants patterns from She made them all by hand and quickly. Good job, Erica. Her creation will be posted on the Your Creations Page from BeachBabyDoll.
I was just thinking what a blessing Erica's gift to her daughter is: The Hearts for Hearts Girls dolls donate some of their proceeds to World Vision to help children all over the world. BeachBabyDoll donates to Harbor Baptist Church's children's camp fund and to Mrs. Meehan's school supplies, and much of BeachBabyDoll's supplies come from Christian thrift stores who help so many homeless and poor families and children. So before her daughter even receives the doll clothes, they are giving to others. Best of all, when Erica's daughter receives her gifts, she will always, forever remember that her Mom made them for her and cherish that Christmas. Who knows, she might even want to make doll clothes for her own daughter some day! So the gift goes on.
Besides being a great mother, Erica Neumann is a professional artist. I discovered her web site when she ordered from BeachBabyDoll. You can check out her amazing work on-line at Neumann Gallery and Studio.
I love the big red bear! Her paintings bring great memories back to me of Calgary where I once lived for 6 years. Beautiful expressions of God's creation!

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