Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cool at the Pool in a new swimsuit!

Hey, Cyberworld, are you hot out there?  Even my dolls are roasting. Kaitlin, one of my Best Friends Club dolls, was just ecstatic when I made her a new swimsuit. The pattern was FREE (from What was fun about it was using a new material: fold over elastic. So great for projects with elasticized arm holes, etc. I got some of it very reasonably at a great etsy shop (The Trimming). I did have to adapt this pattern  with skinny back velcro as the suit was just too tight for little hands to get it on a BFC doll. I also straightened out the chest piece a bit.  I don't believe these adaptations would be necessary for the American Girl size. Now I better get back to sewing. No way, I'm jumping in the pool! Let's go swimmin all ye women!

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