Saturday, March 19, 2011

I love my large Best Friends Club, Ink doll

I got a gift of a new Best Friends Club large doll.  She's Yuko. Such a beautifully sculpted doll!  She's Asian, I would think, Japanese by her name.  Made by MGA entertainment, she's quite a bit skinnier that American Girl or even some of the other hard plastic or vinyl dolls. I have started sewing for her and put one outfit so far in my etsy shop.  She came with all the clothes and accessories you see in these first two pictures and a little book that can be personalized.
 What I like best is that she can do a million poses. She even stands well on her little legs! Here are some of the poses.
She's actually standing alone in this position!

Practicing her dancing, she has to hold to chair

Look how nice she sits and can position her hands so many ways!
  She's definitely a doll for older girls. I can see her and her BFC friends making awesome stop-animation videos as she can move so many joints. Maybe there are some on already.
Since I want to give a complete review, there are a couple of things that could be improved. Her hair is pretty dry. I plan to Downy Dunk it. Her clothes, while cute and trendy, are not made so very well.  The leggings actually slip down in the back--but no worries she has painted-on white panties! The jacket was a real struggle to get on but looks great on her.  Sewing for her is not as bad as for Barbie but not as easy as for AG.
Her best attribute is her sweet face.  Seeing her reminds me to pray for our Japanese sisters and brothers during these days of disaster. She also recalls to my mind my wonderful roommate at the University of Hawaii, DeEtte.


Unknown said...

I love that doll! :) She is sooo cute. I would like an Asian doll. ;) I've been collecting for years, yet I still have not achieved an Asian girl...

beachbabydoll1 said...

I'm sure she appreciates the comments! I really think they did so well with her face.

Caelen said...

She is pretty. I've seen them before.

beachbabydoll1 said...

Thanks for following BeachBabyDoll, Caelen!

Amanda and the Girls said...

Yuko is really cute! :) I've wanted an Asian doll for a while now, and I'm hoping maybe I will get one for my Christmas/birthday presesnt! :)