Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What Santa Fred gave me for Christmas

My husband Fred really set me up this Christmas with some great gifts.  See how romantic he was when he gave me this beautiful Gotz doll with her pretty little heart dress on! [I named her Esther because Esther is one of my favorite women in the Bible, so courageous and, yet, not stuck-up despite her beauty.] My Esther is totally hard vinyl but looks like porcelain. Her box says she's for adults and collectors but the box also says not for children under three.  Her clothes are easily removed.She wears white panties. She has a pretty sheer pink camisole under her heart sundress. On top she is wearing a pretty apron.  Her shoes are adorable.  She came with her hair piled on top of her head but in such a way that I knew the owner could take it down which I did. She has rooted hair that is pretty thick. She stands well.  I haven't measured her yet but she looks to be about 18 in tall and her torso is similar in size, but probably a little smaller around the waist, to my soft body 18 in dolls.  I really Love her hands that make me believe she could be a ballerina. Her head is poseable in different positions.  She stands really well. Her fingers and toes seem longer than AG's but shoe size is the same. None of the fingers are stuck together.  Santa Fred also included a little brother for her: "Bubba" by Teeny Bellini. He comes with a little blanket too.  He sort of looks like he's a little bit of a brat! In my doll world, Esther helps her mom take care of Bubba who is a handful. More, later in my stories to come.
In this picture is a neat organizer Fred gave me for my little itsy doll stuff that I use as props.  It's actually a jewelry pocket organizer but works great for all the little things like barrettes and shoes and little foods, doll's dolls,  ribbons, socks, etc.  No more losing them. It has lots of pockets on two sides. I love finding these little things at garage sales or thrift stores but they were kind of becoming a mess. At least, for now, they're organized!
I truly thank the Lord for my thoughtful and wonderful hubby!


susan said...

Beachbabydoll: I have the same organizer for my doll stuff! I actually have 2 of them (from the Dollar Store). I love, love, LOVE your dedication to the Lord in your blog! Keep up the good work!

beachbabydoll1 said...

Thanks so much, Susan