Friday, January 21, 2011

Sisters! I love mine. What do you love about yours?

I love my sister Mary.  She is so great. She was always the best playmate from day one of our lives.  We are twins. We loved playing dolls. We had a big living room and filled all the chairs and the sofa with our dolls to make a hospital. Then we would be nurses or doctors. We would make clothes for them out of junk. We loved making mud pies!  Did you ever make one? We had a special place in our yard where we would make mud pies and put them in little pans and everything. Of course, we couldn't eat them.  Another one of our very favorite play times was Paper Dolls!  This was way before American Girl Dolls and way before even Barbie. But, really it was similar. We had historical paper dolls, fantasy ones like Cinderella, girl ones like "Betsy McCall", and modern lady ones--usually a bride with all her bride"s maids and groom's men who were, of course, in love with the bride's maids. Now we're older (but not old!) and we still like dolls. She uses toys of all types in the speech therapy she gives to children and teaches in a Bible program for elementary age children, and I make doll clothes for ministries.  What could be a better blessing from all that playing together! In this picture it's Easter time. We're with our mom. I'm on the right of the picture.   Check out Mama's hat and our purses! My dress was pink and Mary's was blue.Sorry this is not the best picture in the world.
So, do you have a sister or best friend who is like your sister? What do you like about that person the most?


Hannah said...

I don't have a sister, sadly. Of course I've got many sisters in Christ, but not exactly related. I've got a brother, though, and although he can be an annoyance, I'm lucky to have him to play with, although he isn't that interested in dolls as me. LOL.
That is such a cute photo, even if it isn't the best quality! You're so lucky to have a sister. :-)

Hannah said...

Sisters really are wonderful. And that's so awesome that you have a twin! I bet you had so much fun playing together when you were little. I like the picture, you and your sister's dresses are so pretty!

I have one sister. Even though she is a lot older than me (she's 22 and I'm 14) we still have a lot of fun!

Thanks for this lovely post!

beachbabydoll1 said...

Thank you, dear Hannahs!

susan said...

I don't have a sister either, and neither does my daughter. So, I don't know what it is like. But, I did enjoy the picture. I'm glad you and your sister are so close.