Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saga of the Bad Hair Day Part 1

Some great girls in my church approached me today for help. "Jenny needs help!  Look," they said as they held up poor Jenny whose hair resembles the Bride of Frankenstein. She also had a dislocated right shoulder and a bunch of skin problems. On the way home from church, I was able to do a quickie rotator cuff repair (which means getting her shoulder back in place). Then I took a good look at her. She has beautiful green eyes, good coloring.  Body is in good shape but she sort of lists to one side (the result of being at the bottom of the closet, maybe?) Her hair will be the biggest challenge though she needs help with her spots, especially on her face. I hope the white marks are paint and I can get them off with some non acetone polish remover. I'm posting her picture how she looks now and will post again later as I progress in her medical care.  First, I will try to comb out her hair with my pet comb which I use only for my dolls; then second: shampoo and then a Downy dunk. I'm going to follow the directions by Joy from Just Magic Dolls . Feel free to leave comments or suggestions!  Jenny needs our help!

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Unknown said...

Aaaw, Jenny needs some TLC!
Steaming doll hair also helps too. It smooths it out a bunch and de-frizzes it a ton. You just have to use a steamer that have absolutely no metal on it. ;)
I'm glad to see you're helping this doll feel better! I wish you all the best! :)