Thursday, July 19, 2012

Anu's New Friends

Dolls: largest: My Twinn, Midsize: American Girl, Smallest: Hearts for Hearts
 Anu (Nahji) close up
The top image says it all.  Friends can be different sizes, colors, etc.!  The smallest one is my new Hearts for Hearts Girls doll  Nahji whose story has her born in a poor rural section of India.  She sells duck eggs to go to school. The book that comes with her is very interesting. Nahji is  just 14 inches tall. I like her little sandals and outfit.  She comes with jewelry. She doesn't want to get married at 13 like her sister. Whoa! That would be hard. She wants an education. Since this doll Nahji has moved to my house in the USA, I have renamed her Anusia after the lovely daughter of  friends with Indian heritage. Her nickname is Anu. My dolls are her new friends. I will probably make Anu some other clothes this summer. I'd like to make a sari that is age appropriate for her. She's supposed to be 10. If you have suggestions, let me know. Have you seen the other new Hearts For Hearts Girls? They represent different countries. The funniest part is that eventhough all my modern dolls including American Girl represent different countries or nationalities, they were all born in China! I'm thankful for the effort and detail that are created in these dolls by people so far away from me. So many children (of all ages) find joy in them. Do you know that reminds me we were all created by God eventhough our earthly homes are so different and far away from each other. And He loves us and created us to be all different sizes and colors. He really wants us all to be in His family with Him forever. (You can find it in God's Message to us, the Bible: John 1: 1-14. In this passage the Word is Jesus.)


Willow said...

I really want Nahji! Yours has such a cute name! Mine will be named Nahji Jasmine or NJ.

Ag mega fan said...

Really cool! <3
Also, I am having a photo contest on my blog:
The theme is movie night and all dolls are welcome to enter! If you would like to enter you can email me your photos at: Thanks!
~Ag mega fan~