Sunday, December 9, 2012

Share your creations for Christmas!

Did you use a pattern from to make something really special? I would so love to see a picture! Other seamstresses would enjoy viewing it too. Beginner? No problem! Let us help you bask in your accomplishment! Advanced? Maybe we can learn from you!

Announcing: the new "Your Creations" page. Here's how it works:  If you make a doll outfit or item with one of BeachBabyDoll's patterns and you want to share; just send me an e-mail (address found here) At least part of the outfit must have been made with a pattern. In this way, I hope people will be inspired to use the patterns in an endless array of creativity. Do you sell doll clothes that you make? I'll be happy to give a link back to your shop, site, or brick and mortar store. Cheri has started us off. Visit the Your Creations page  to see her fabulous Christmas pajamas!

What's New?
 The newest pattern in our collection is a scrubs top to fit BFC Ink dolls.Yes, You can make it before Christmas! It features a lined top and a great divided pocket that really works. There's also instructions for the easy-to-make stethoscope. Find it on BeachBabyDoll's pattern page for BFC Ink. It makes up fast. There's plenty of time to make it before Christmas. Surprise someone with a doctor, nurse or vet in the family! Pair the top with the simple pants pattern. The two are now sold in a Scrubs bundle for your convenience.

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