Friday, September 14, 2012

Being Creative! Sewing by Hand for National Sewing Month!

Click Image to Locate the download
Do you have fun creating things? I do. It is such a blessing to be able to use this attibute of God that He gave us!!!! I like to do things with my hands, even when I goof up! Recently I have been reviewing old, old, sewing books that are in the public domain.  I chose some of my favorite illustrations from them to make a free Hand Stitching Hand-out. If you would like to download it, just go to the link at Sometimes, it's so nice to know you can make a garment, even a little doll garment totally by hand! My new "Everything Costume Pattern" for dolls is a great pattern for hand sewing. It comes in two sizes for American Girl and Best Friends Club Ink large dolls. I blogged extensively about it on Sept 8, 2012. See what you can make, anytime, anywhere!


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