Sunday, August 12, 2012

Comparing H4H girls and Les Cheries doll measurements

I am having "sew" much fun sewing for the mid-size dolls, Hearts for Hearts Girls and Les Cheries by Corolle. If you can click on the image above you will see the comparative measurements of these two brands of dolls. As many of us know by now, they can share most clothes. Seamstresses, pay attention, though, there are a few crucial differences: the head, arm length and inseam length could make a difference in what you are making. In addition, Les Cheries are flexible so may be able to ease into some shoes or pants with tight foot areas that H4H couldn't manage due to firmer plastic. I hope you find the chart useful.

BeachBabyDoll will have a new pattern for these dolls very soon (hopefully this week). I think you will love it. Check out in the Doll Pattern page often for doll patterns.

Here is a little outfit I made. You can see that they share it nicely:

It's nice to have someone to share clothes with.  I used to share clothes with my sister! God blesses us with sisters and friends who are like sisters!


Asmita said...

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Spitcairn said...

Could you tell me your opinion on how the quality of the dolls compare? Hair, materials, etc..

beachbabydoll1 said...

I think the dolls are comparable in quality of hair and body. The H.4 H girls have a bigger head. I like the sweet faces on Les Cheries. I wish the both had ball joints.